How To Be A Freelancer In Demand !

With all the websites as Fiverr, Freelancer etc. it is easy to become a freelancer online. But how can you get more clients, and keep those clients that you have interested in you as a freelancer.

To know that, you will need to understand that your client will have only ONE reason to hire you. They hire you because they're the ones with an successful businesses, or are trying to get that, but have at least enough money to pay you. But they are also the once that need you, because you seems to have a skill that they do not have, or simple do not have the time to do it. And they’re the ones who are likely to have ongoing work for you.

The easiest way to keep them as your client will be doing exact what need to be done, in time, and as good as you can ever do that. That seems to be pretty simple, but it is not.

You always need to think ahead what you are planning to offer your client after your first work is done. In that way you will always keep them as client as long as they think that they need you. It is not a trick. It is simple away to help your client making a profit. And if you create a profit for your client then he or she will be coming back for you.

Here are some responses I got on my jobs as a freelancer at Fiverr after I had done my job.

Outstanding Experience!

Thank you so much! Everything was delivered as promised. Super fast and very easy to work with!!

Great pleasure working with johnb12. A talented WordPress website designer, he did a brilliant job. Excellent communicator, when he needed more information he asked, and he provided easy instructions to follow. I highly recommend this seller.

(P.S. you can see this in my account at Fiverr ! So NO fake text and or fake reviews.)
I don’t have time for these constant interruptions. I’m sort of glad they wanted my opinion, but do it right. Research and choose a small selection of suitable ones. Then send me those at the end of the week and ask for me to choose which one will work best. That would have been a good (and business-like) approach.

I always try to give a little more and make it my clients as Easy as I can do!

To do this I do not actual have to do so much.  All you have to do try to think what your client is doing, and keep in mind that they are busy as well. Yesterday I had a client that actual had a website created (Or let a other Freelancer created it, I do not know) and she wanted to have the front page changed. What she did not know was that the Front page that I was seeing was not the one she was seeing. I spend explaining here the Front page problem. And it took me one hour to do so. Made only 8 dollar there. But at the end I even showed here how to get a menu on her front page and have here website correct showing as soon as she order a new gig. It is extra service. Nothing else. But I am sure that she was happy with it. And I know they will come back.

Then I have here some final tips:

  1. If it seems that your client is in stress, they probably are !
  2. Try to think ahead for your client. They will appreciate it.

If you can be one of the people that makes life easier and takes away some of the stress, you’ve got yourself a client that is likely to pay you well and pay you often. And that’s what a successful freelancer needs to succeed. (And paying customers 🙂


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